Celebrity Message


  • Yao Jiangtao
    Secretary of CCPC and Chairman of
    the Board of AVIC Trust Co., Ltd.
    President of the Council of China Trustee Association

    VR technology will certainly influence our life in a deeper level whatever in the aspects of education, entertainment, health and even our daily life. We appreciate very much the team of Sky Limit Entertainment and their ideas. We believe that SoReal will become the first-class VR brand in China for sure.

  • Zhang Yimou
    International Well-known Director
    World Art Master

    VR would be a major new technology in the next decade. It will change our lives. Our Chinese original and self-owned brands would definitely lead the trend of the world.

  • Yang Yuanqing
    Chairman of the board and CEO of Lenovo

    Cooperating with SoReal, we have moved a big step toward VR/AR strategy.

  • He Zhiqiang
    Senior Vice President of Lenovo President of Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group

    Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group will mainly invest in AR/VR, equipment +cloud service. At the same time, we particularly recognize the capability of SoReal team. Investing in SoReal is an important layout of Lenovo in intelligent ecology. SoReal and Lenovo equipment will reach more strategic collaboration and cooperation.

  • Long Yuxiang
    Executive Chairman and Secretary of CPC Leadership Group of China International Cultural Communication Center

    The remarkable performance of Sky Limit Entertainment in virtual vision integrates Chinese culture with scientific and technological innovation and inherits the beauty of Chinese culture. We must spread this touched feeling to the whole world.

  • Lin Lizhong
    Vice President of Intel Capital
    concurrently managing international business
    Senior Managing Director

    We hope that the strategic investment in Sky Limit Entertainment can promote the industrial application of VR technology, bring the unprecedented and splendid experience for customers in the whole world, and motivate the innovative sparks one after another among science, technology and culture.

  • Li Qing
    Chairman of the Board of Shenzhen Weiyue Creative Investment Group
    Honorary Member of Adream Org.
    Vice Chairman of Fund Development Committee of Adream

    We focus on the construction, operation and management of cultural and creative industry park, and SoReal is an outstanding technology and culture brand. We extremely expect that we can collaborate with Sky Limit Enterprise more frequently and more deeply in the future, and create a brand new culture and tourism landmark.

  • Yuan Guoliang
    Director of Investment Decision-making Committee of Mango Cultural and Creative Fund

    Mango Cultural and Creative Fund always concentrates on investing in the field of mass culture, and has a deep understanding on the investment in each subdivided field. The achievements of Sky Limit Entertainment in VR is obvious to all. We appreciate very much the accomplishments of SoReal in culture and entertainment. With the support of the powerful ecological resources in the future, we hope the team of Sky Limit Entertainment can make efforts together and do their best to jointly create a beautiful future.

  • Liu Man
    Managing Director of China International Capital Corporation
    Chairman of Development Committee of Adream Org.

    Time gallops and the rings grow new. Complying with the historical trend, the team of Sky Limit Entertainment with dream and enthusiasm develops the VR which can dramatically change the world, and consistently spread the Chinese Dream to the world with stable investment and management style.