Group Introduction


Sky Limit Entertainment

Founded in 2015, Sky Limit Entertainment (SLE) is a technology & culture company that integrates content development, IP operations and digital real-scene entertainment. The company has created and currently owns the international entertainment brand SoReal which is currently the most concerned technology, culture and entertainment brand in the VR industry. Our business involves tech show,VR museum,design and construction of VR parks, R&D of VR/AR games, as well as development and operation in the touristic real estate.


Corporate Culture



Technology empowering culture and culture assisting technology, creating a new generation of worldwide popular cultural symbols of science and technology.


To keep up with the national strategies of "The Belt and Road", break through the constraints of space and time for the world and for all the people in the virtual world with creativity, imagination and technological power, and make a value space for cultural consumption, culture and entertainment, cultural experience under the present technical environment, market environment and business environment.


Faithful, Practical, Cooperative and Innovative

Management Idea

Committing to user experience, achieving a better world with technology.


Founding Team


Michael QiFoundersChairmanCEO

The Founder, Chairman and CEO of Beijing Sky Limit Entertainment International Cultural Development Group Co., Ltd.

He has rich investment experience in cultural entertainment industry, cultural tourism real estate, sports real estate, and has participated in the investment of multiple industry-related companies.

He is the producer of Scroll for the opening ceremony of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and one of the producers of the closing ceremony.

He was honored the Excellent Individual Award by the Organization Committee of Olympic Games.

He was elected as one of the 40 business elites under 40 years old awarded by Fortune in 2017.

Zhang YimouCo-founderArt Director

Many of his films have won the film awards both in China and at abroad, and he was nominated for three Oscars and five Golden Globe Awards.

After 2002, he marched to commercial films, has twice renewed the box office records of Chinese films and won four champions of annual Chinese film box office records.

He has ever served as the chairman of the Jury for the 18th Tokyo International Film Festival and the 64th Venice International Film Festival.

In 2008, he worked as the Head Director for the opening and closing ceremonies of Beijng 2008 Olympic Games as well as the Head Director in bidding for 2022 The Winter Olympics in Beijing & Zhangjiakou.

He won the “You Bring Charm to the World Award” in 2008, and was nominated for the Time’s “Person of the Year” of the U.S

He created the first brand of live-action performance - “Impression Series”.

In 2016, he served as the Head Director for the artistic performance of Hangzhou G20 Leaders Summit.

Sam WangCo-founderPresident

He graduated from Beijing Film Academy, and deeply rooted in film and entertainment industry for over 10 years. He is the technical director of dozens of Chinese and overseas films.

He has been nominated for many visual and sound technical awards in Asian and American films, including Hong Kong Gold Statue Awards, Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Awards, Asian Film Awards, and Golden Reel Awards of the U.S.

He is the visual effects producer of Mojin - The Lost Legend, and the final box office receipts of the film reaches RMB 1.7 billion Yuan; and he also won the 53th Golden Horse Awards for Best Visual Effects by virtue of the film.

He is one of the founding shareholders of Phenom Films, the largest private film technology company, and serves as the Managing Director.

Travelling between China and America, he has extensive contacts and cooperation experience with Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

Ma ZihanVice President
Ma XiaoruGeneral Manager of Major Project
Yu ZhiboVice President of Overseas Business Strategy
Huang XinCFO


Historical Works of Founders


Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Beijing 2008 Olympic Games had a magnificent opening ceremony, which fully showed the splendid culture of the Chinese nation. The Co-founder Zhang Yimou has ever worked as the Head Director of the opening ceremony and perfectly combined the spirit of Olympic Games with a history of more than two thousand years and the splendid culture of the Chinese nation of over five thousand years. Abundant colors made striking contrast and created beautiful visions, which fully showed the magnificent history of China. Overseas media all praised the opening ceremony a masterpiece of artistic beauty and the epitome of Chinese culture.
Hangzhou G20 Leaders Summit
China · Hangzhou G20 Leaders Summit was held in Hangzhou in 2016. The summit is themed by "constructing an innovative, dynamic and inclusive world economy". As invited by Chinese President Xi Jinping, those leaders attended the summit, including Obama, the American President, Putin, the Russian President, Merkel, the German Chancellor, Hollande, the French President. Enduring Memories of Hangzhou obtained the high praise as a live-action symphony concert directed by the Co-founder Zhang Yimou with the participation of the renowned lighting artist - Sha Xiaolan. The concert mainly represented the rich cultural heritage in Hangzhou and integrated the international elements, showing the trend of globalization in nowadays.
Pyeongchang Winter Olympics: “Beijing 8 Minutes”
“Beijing 8 Minutes” directed by the Co-founder Zhang Yimou, was combined with modern techniques and thinking to present the world an amazing work that contained profound Chinese culture and showed the image of China in nowadays. Through 24 ice screens and combined with AI technology, it represented the image of the Great Wall, the Bird’s Nest, the National Centre for the Performing Arts, etc. The Words 2020 set by the roller skating teenagers, “Meeting in Beijing” written in various languages appeared around the stage ... all summoned us to meet in Beijing in 2022.
SCO Qingdao summit
A Friend Coming From Afar directed by the Co-founder Zhang Yimou was grandly put on show in Qingdao Olympics Sailing Center. This grand light and firework art show realized an integration of traditional Chinese culture and modern technology. With the combination of the night scene in Qingdao, it delivered the world the concept that we are a family and we are all brothers in the world. Besides, it also blended the essence of traditional Chinese culture. The overall stage effect contained both traditional culture and stage science and technology. This would also be the future development trend of stage performance and mega-event.
Scroll in the Opening Ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
The world-renowned Olympic Games was opened on August 8, 2008. Qi Xiao, the Founder of Sky Limited Entertainment, is indeed the producer of one of the works of Olympic Games Opening Ceremony- Scroll. The Co-founder Zhang Yimou has also worked as the head director of Scroll, which was a LED work, 147m in length and 27m in width. This work not only showed the splendid history of the Chinese nation of over five thousand years but also expressed the unique concept of time and space and philosophic spirit of oriental aesthetics with the forms of the "scholar's four jewels" (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper) and enjoyable ink and wash, highlighted the glory and dream of the Chinese nation and motivated the national pride of Chinese people.
Mr. Wang Lei, the Co-founder, has deepened into film and entertainment industry for over 10 years and served as the technical director of dozens of Chinese and overseas films. His works were several times nominated for the visual and sound technical awards in Asian and American films. He has ever worked as the visual effects producer of such works as Mojin - The Lost Legend, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame. In which, Mojin - The Lost Legend won the 53rd Golden Horse Awards for Best Visual Effects. While Red Cliff was nominated for the Golden Reel Awards for the Best Sound, for which, the Co-founder Wang Lei has ever worked as the sound effect producer.


Group Honors


”National High-tech Enterprise” issued by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China in 2018

”Standing Council Unit” issued by Council for Promoting South-South Cooperation in 2018

2016 “IDA”Gold Award of Exhibition Design Type by American Designer Association

2016 “IDA”Silver Award of Indoor Commercial Design by American Designer Association

2019 Golden V Award for “Best VR Theme Park Award ”

2019 FEIA Awards for“2018 High Growth Enterprise Award”

2017 Gold Gyro Award - Best Multiplayer VR Game

2017 “GCC”VR/AR/AI Industry Application Competition - Industry + Innovation Award

2016 DoNews for Best VR Enterprise of the Year in “Intelligent Product Industry”

2016 “DoNews” for Outstanding Contribution of Internet of the Year in DoNews Grand Ceremony