The world’s first VR cinema with exclusively developed zero vertigo VR viewing seat. The company revolutionarily promoted the fully immersive, and vertigo-free VR active viewing mode, fully subverted the passive viewing experience of traditional cinema, and truly created immersive experience of “audio-visual+global sense of environment+sense of smell+tactile sense+gustation”. Audiences can view VR films in 360° and participate in epitasis, thus achieving true and complete aesthetic experience.

Audiences can watch films and play games on the seats, and freely move forward or backward at the same time. The ultra variable speed vibrating seat can completely avoid the spinning sensation from motion sickness, and make people feel relax.

Cooperative IP
  • A Letter from the Trenche

  • Auto

  • An Obituary

  • The Price of Conflict, The Prospect of Peace: Solomon Islands

  • The Price of Conflict, The Prospect of Peace: Mindanao, Philippines

  • The Price of Conflict, The Prospect of Peace: Bougainville, Papua New Guinea

  • Keyed Alike

  • Dinner Party

  • Everything Flows

  • VR Wonders of the World Grand Canyon

  • The Caretaker

  • Between Petrov And Vodkin

  • Shennong: Taste of Illusion

  • Rose Colored

  • Sanctuaries of Silence

  • Traces

  • Summertime

  • Orbital Vanitas

  • Snowball